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A paracentral disc protrusion is a relatively common disc condition that can be related to a lot of pain. In most of the cases, conventional treatments help release the acute pain. This article describes what exactly a paracentral disc is and what you. 14.12.2019 · When someone says they have a slipped disc, they are really talking about a disc protrusion. When a portion of the nucleus protrudes into the annulus, it causes the disc in the back to bulge out, possibly pressing against a nerve. The result is a lot of pain.

Answers from doctors on left paracentral disc protrusion. First: You need to take the results in combination with the clinical findings. Ask the attending doctor to. For example a lower back or lumbar herniation can be felt in the buttocks, legs and feet, while a herniated disc in the neck normally affects the shoulders, arms, and hands. Typically, left paracentral herniations are predominantly felt more in the left side of the body, while right paracentral ones affect more the right side. The more lucky. Answers from trusted physicians on right paracentral disk protrusion. First: You need to take the results in combination with the clinical findings. Ask the attending doctor to explain th findings in conjunction with your complaint. In central disc protrusion, the disc herniates or expands posteriorly or backwards into the middle of the spinal canal where the spinal nerve roots and spinal cord is present. Know the causes, symptoms and treatment of central disc protrusion. "Your MRI shows "Broad-based disc bulges at C5-C6 and C6-C7 with superimposed left paracentral disc protrusion at C6-C7. Mild spinal canal stenosis at C5-C6 and C6-C7 and severe left lateral recess narrowing and left foraminal narrowing at C6-C7 and moderate left foraminal narrowing at C5-C6.".

Disc bulge is distinguished from a disc protrusion in that it involves more than 25% of the circumference. A disc extrusion is distinguished from a disc protrusion in that the base of the protruded disc material is narrower than its 'dome'. Furthermore this material may extend above or below the disc level. Can you tell me what's the difference between disc herniation and disc protrusion? I saw two different surgeons for an opinion on what's causing my back pain. One told me it is a disc herniation. The. 08.11.2019 · A disc problem, such as disc protrusion, is one of the most common causes of back pain. Also called a slipped or herniated disc, this occurs when the disc bulges against the fibrous cushion, called the annulus. The spine consists of the vertebral bones. Each pair of vertebral bones contains a vertebral disc. These discs act like cushions or. 31.07.2012 · Lumbar disc herniation depicts a male paracentral disc herniation with the nucleus pulposus extruding through a tear in the annular fibrosis compressing the exiting nerve root.

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